The following videos illustrate the simplicity, beauty and deeply personal nature of Home Funerals. Some of the images are of a sensitive nature and may be difficult for those recently bereaved or approaching their own transition. Your discretion is advised.

‘Take Me Home’

This short film, TAKE ME HOME, illustrates Death Midwife, Olivia Bareham, midwifing Dorothy through her dying journey and honoring her final wishes.

Dorothy requested her friends care for her body after death. She wanted to have a 3-day vigil at home and for everyone to dance at her funeral celebration.

Running Time 14 mins.

‘Bringing Funerals Home’

This slide show of photographs taken from a variety of Home Funerals outlines the steps involved in the process.

Running Time 4 mins.

‘Gabriel’s Home Funeral’

Gabriel Gelbart and his husband, Mitch Metzer were in the process of creating a hospice in Topanga Canyon, Los Angeles, when Gabe died suddenly at 52.

Sacred Crossing Guides and over 200 people from the community came together to honor Gabe with a home vigil and funeral on his beloved Anam Cara land.

Running time 5 mins.


‘Lucille’s Home Funeral’

Ko Hawkes speaks about her experience acting as the Funeral Director for her mother’s home funeral.

Running time 3 mins.


‘Infant Home Funeral’

A stillborn’s Home Funeral allows the parents to have intimate, quality time with their son, giving them time to accept and to let go.

Running time 4 mins.

‘Pet Funerals’

Holding a funeral for your pet and giving them a natural burial can help with the grieving process.

Running time 3 mins.


‘End of Life – Coconut Diet’

Rosario explains how her aunt ceased all medication and solid food transitioning to a diet of coconut for the last few weeks of her life. This simple, gentle diet assisted her body to cleanse and let go peacefully.

Running time 11 mins.



“I think the experience of preparing my dad’s body lessened the sorrow because I had the opportunity to experience free flowing grief in the liminal space with him. They say that loss can trigger unresolved feelings around previous losses.  For me, the conscious goodbye provided healing for past separations.  With clarity, he left and I stayed.”  

– Paige Hetherington

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