The Death Midwife

What is a Death Midwife?

A death midwife assists an individual and their family through the transition of death, just as a birth midwife assists the baby and the mother through the transition of birth. The role includes that of: spiritual counsellor, death doula, home funeral guide, funeral planner and celebrant.

Our definition is as follows:

“A Death Midwife shepherds individuals and their family through the death journey; guides loved ones in after-death care of the body and empowers families to create personal and deeply meaningful funerals at home.”

Who is the Death Midwife?

Meet Olivia Bareham

The Death Midwife, Founder

Hello, and thank you for visiting the Sacred Crossings website.

My name is Olivia and I am known primarily as a death midwife, but am also a dedicated student of the Mystery, a teacher, healer, inter-faith minister, mother, grandmother, friend and Mystic.

Every since my mother died in 2005 I realized that at the moment of death and for a few days following there is a profound opportunity for healing. I turned my ministry toward the goal of inspiring and empowering others to reclaim the lost art and healing ritual of home-based after death care.  When we lean consciously into this liminal space; allow ourselves to feel the depths of our fear, love and sorrow we are re-arranged and never the same.

The work is tender, raw, honest, gentle, real, alive and deeply satisfying. I fall in love over and over again and become more and more aligned to my true purpose – to help change the culture of death and dying from fear to love.

I feel the expansive field of work with the dying and their families is Death Midwifery and includes the role of Spiritual end-of-life counselor, death doula, home funeral guide, funeral planner, celebrant  and even funeral director and care giver. The Art of Death Midwifery training program was designed to cover all aspects of the work.

If you have any questions about death and dying; about a loved-one’s journey or pesonal inquiries about trainings please write write:

“Death is life’s greatest teacher – it is time for us take this skeleton out of the closet once and for all, to lay her gently on the table and allow her wisdom to gently penetrate the depths of our psyche till we are free from fear, free from attachment, free from conditioning, free to truly live.”

– Olivia Bareham

Listen to Olivia’s most recent podcast below.

These are some questions I've been asked over the years...

~ My wife just died and I’m having a difficult time coping with her absence, the house is so empty, I feel lost – is there a ritual I can do to help me move on?
~ My husband has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and is in complete denial and won’t even talk about it.  There are so many decisions to make, can you talk to him for me?
~ I want to have a home funeral, but my sister thinks it’s too weird, can you give me some suggestions as to how I can help alleviate her fears?
~ My daughter had a stillbirth – he’s in the hospital morgue but she desperately wants to see him. What are our options? And is it appropriate to have his siblings see his body? 
~ My husband died suddenly and I just don’t know how to tell the children, they are 4 and 8. Help!


Ask the Death Midwife

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The Advance Death Care Directive

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