“Don’t wait another minute before signing up to do the Death Midwifery training with Sacred Crossings. Olivia fearlessly presents candid, loving, insightful and visionary teachings while holding a safe space for growth and change. She transmits practical wisdom which has sadly become a lost art – the ritual work of caring for our Dead. “  – Sarah Miles 


“This class literally changed my entire mind-frame and gifted me with such a beautiful way of softening into the death experience — that death can burn away everything but love.  It was such a new way of looking at death that as a physician who has spent her entire life trying to prevent death, it was life changing.”  – Laura Koniver 


“Wow,Wow,Wow, what a remarkable weekend! The container built for us all was extraordinary! I knew it was going to be powerful however it went above and beyond my imaginings.” – Michelle Shaw (Enter the Grave)  


“Enter the Grave is not for the faint of heart. Like death, it will ask a lot of you and it will be up to you on how you choose to respond- with closed fists or with soft open hands. I recommend the latter.” Erika Lim


“Olivia’s Death Midwife training is a profound way to get in touch with life and to recognize death as one of our greatest allies and teachers. Her ability to hold everyone in sacred space is glorious and it allowed me to dive into the mystery within that I’ve been longing for.”  – Grinnell Morris


“Not only did this workshop meet my expectations, but it went far beyond into the depths of my soul. Olivia has a beautiful way of weaving the practical with deep spiritual wisdom amongst her teaching. Not only will you receive the how to, but you will also walk away with deeper wisdom within your being. – Alexi Hedlund 


 “Olivia creates the most sacred of spaces, in which the parts of yourself that are beyond your words, beyond your knowing, and even those parts that perhaps you’ve deemed beyond the reach of love, are able to bubble up to the surface, express themselves, and either be integrated or be released, depending on whether or not they serve your path.”  – Kendell Courtney Klein


“This is a class for everyone. Olivia has tenderly created a truly life-changing, life-giving weekend. A deep dive into the mystery, the void, that is held so generously and lovingly by her and the group, and resulting in the most beautiful, profound shift in my relationship not only to death, but to myself.” – Jessi Campbell  (Enter the Grave) 


“I found it incredible that discussing something so seemingly dark – death – could bring so much lightness and expansiveness to my daily life. If you are a seeker, I recommend this workshop wholeheartedly. I am at ease about my own death, I feel more at ease in life, and I am confident that if someone close to me was dying I could be a resource, advocate, and loving presence. The Zoom format was fantastic; I felt so close to our cohort and immersed in the weekend, even though we were in our respective homes. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” – Tia Brandt  (Enter the Grave)



“Taking this introductory course as the first of three, just absolutely and completely confirmed to me that I am definitely on the right path. The instruction is organized within a safe, sacred, and loving space that even over zoom, the power, tenderness and spirituality is felt very profoundly, it is absolutely an amazing and unique experience.  This is what I have instinctively been looking and hoping, for my entire life.” – Clara Forwell



“I Adored this class! The Art of Death Midwifery was an excellent learning experience with the perfect balance of internal and external work. Olivia has created a program that will empower me to empower others. What a wonderful gift – thank you!”  – Jane Forrester


“This series of Death Midwifery trainings is an amazing practice in honesty, self-inquiry, love and service. The honoring of death as part of life and a portal to the next realm is examined through discussions, films and meditations, practical information about DNR’s, autopsies, cremations (to name a few). working with family members, to sitting with the dying without agenda. This is an incredible spiritual practice that I highly recommend for everyone.” – Suzanne Stratchan


“This is a powerful workshop that has completely changed my view on death and the dying process. No one wants to talk about dying, but there is so much to learn and understand.  I highly recommend this for EVERYONE…in fact it should be a requirement for graduating high school.”  – Thea Nathan

“I can now accept death as a teacher, as a friend, as a way of life.” – Ngan Quan

Sacred Crossings

Sacred Crossings