“The home funeral for my sister was a profoundly moving experience. Having her body at home and taking care of her myself and saying the sacred prayers with her for three days I was able to find a peace and contentment that I don’t believe would have happened were she taken away by strangers.” – Diane K


“It was the greatest experience in death that I’ve ever had…I’ve been to a lot of funerals but this was unbelievable – it was joyful, just amazing.” – Kim H



“Being in the hospital when we had to take my husband off life support, we all stood around the bed and Olivia sang for us – she sang him out, it was so lovely. I thought I would be really scared but Sacred Crossings made is such a lovely experience…gentle beyond words. And then his body was taken directly home where we bathed him and dressed him and laid him on the bed. Just the experience of doing that, preparing him, was so amazing – I could tell he was enjoying it because he always loved to be pampered – we washed his hair and shaved him – I could see the smile on his face he was enjoying it so much!” – Connie H



“I got to sit with my dad and talk with him for as long as I wanted, it was so comforting. Thank you.” – Hector S



“My son is extremely sensitive and quiet with his emotions. The activity of personalizing a piece of art to celebrate his grandfather’s life was so therapeutic for him. It allowed him to release his grief by sharing the gift of his talent in decorating his casket. Thank you for making this the most beautiful way to take my father to meet our family who had gone before us.  – Judi



“Everyone who came to see my husband as he laid in honor in our living room was really moved by the experience. It is a shame that this special time has been lost from our culture. Caring for a body after death is the ultimate gesture of love and kindness. I will always be grateful to Sacred Crossings for making this possible.” – Alyssa C



“Having Dad’s wake at home, with his body present, brought our whole family together. We really celebrated, and I know he was happy to be amongst us. Thank you!” – Nance S



“As my dad was moving in the final stage of his life I absolutely knew that an at-home funeral was the way I wanted to honor him and to begin the healing process for myself and my family But knowing that I wanted to care for his body and have his funeral at home and know HOW to DO it were two very different things. Once Dad passed, Olivia’s gentle ways of teaching us each step of the way made me feel so safe. My 22 year-old son, who adored his grandfather, was not entirely sure what the process would be like, but he quickly put his trust in you. You guided us both through such a beautiful experience – bless you for the work you do.” – Kathy M



“Sacred Crossings brought magic into our lives with the blessing of a home funeral for my beloved husband of 41 years. It definitely was a ‘family undertaking’ with a grace all of its own. To this day I can only use the word ‘magical’, not unlike the moment of birth itself. I can’t imagine having done otherwise. “ – Mary M



“Having a home funeral gave us an inexpressible gift that I will cherish for the rest of my life. When our baby died at birth, it was the most shocking hit to my world – I only got to hold him hours after he was born, when the doctors said there was nothing more they could do. Holding him was the most beautiful and exquisitely painful experience, because finally I could see that he was really there, but I wouldn’t be able to keep him. Then they had to take him away to the coroner. Letting him out of my sight and my arms felt so utterly wrong.

So in the days that followed, Sacred Crossings offered to come and give Darrius a home funeral, it felt like the only right thing to do. With Olivia’s help we navigated the world of coroners and crematoriums and learned how to bring him home and ensure that he didn’t have to have an autopsy. I will never be able to put into words how her presence, so peaceful, comforting and reassuring enabled us to make this one of the most beautiful experiences imaginable.

As a family we prepared his body for the service, and anointed him with myrrh and frankincense and dressed him. I had never been so close and intimate with death, and never even really thought about it tangibly, but with this new world we found ourselves in, I realized there was no fear…only profound love and the strength given by all our family, friends and loved ones. We were encapsulated in prayers and grace during those days, and when it came to the actual service, all that was magnified times a million.

We would never have imagined that such a short life; 9 months inside my tummy, could impact so many lives. Olivia suggested that everyone could make a prayer flag for him, and in this way everyone was able to express their feelings and wishes, in a way that brought color and sacredness, and healing…in the days that followed we were able to read them all and feel the depth of love that surrounded Darrius and which he brought to us all.

Sacred Crossings helped us to do everything we could have done to send our son in peace and with our blessings and love. We formed the beginning and the end of the circle around him, and in a way that we have no regrets; nothing was left undone, and even though I still feel his loss as much as I did that first moment, I have peace, because everything we did with and for him was of love and sacredness. The value of that is beyond words, a treasure I can recall every time I remember that very special day.

If there were ever a perfection attainable to being there and yet not being there, of guiding and yet standing back, of choreographing something on seen and unseen levels, so that grace is present, then Olivia has attained that. “ – Emma Drewry


“This was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life – thanks to the guidance from Sacred Crossings and the astounding outpouring of love from family and friends, Dads last three days with us was absolutely perfect – and the growth experience of every single loved one who adorned us and joined us, from the youngest to the eldest, was amazing.

We lit the room with candles. We decorated with flowers. I could not imagine the alternative. I would not want to imagine my father with a tag on his toe in a refrigerator in the basement. I would not want to imagine my father lying on a cold steel table having his blood drained from his body & embalmed with fluid that is poisoning the earth. I would not want to have scheduled hours to visit dad. That’s all just so impersonal. 
It felt so right and precious taking care of Dad those three days and sharing stories around him and being with him. It gave us more closure with his physical being. In the beginning the grandchildren would not even go into the apartment because they were afraid. On the day of dad’s service the grandchildren were decorating him with flowers and hanging out around him for hours. It was a beautiful sight to see.

I can’t think about it without my brain smiling. And I am sure none of us would have wanted to celebrate dad’s life any other way. Including Dad himself.” – Kim Cecere

Sacred Crossings

Sacred Crossings