Home Vigils

A home vigil or ‘wake’ is a period of time, usually 1 -3 days, when the body is laying in honor while family and friends visit to pay their final respects.

A vigil allows more time to say goodbye, allows family the space and privacy to attend to cultural or religious traditions and helps loved-ones accept and integrate the death and begin the healing process.

The funeral service most often takes place in the home on the third day of the vigil before the body is taken to the crematory or cemetery.


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Many religions cite the importance of the three days following death. This is a period of time where the soul / spirit /consciousness of the individual is getting accustomed to being without the physical form. Family members often experience the presence of a loved one close by during the days immediately following transition and sensitives often ‘see’ the luminous body hovering close to the physical body.

Whatever one’s personal beliefs, lovingly caring for a body and holding it in a sacred space allows family and friends time to accept the loss, say goodbye and begin to face their own lives with a deepened sense of gratitude and peace.


For more information on vigils and Funerals, please see ‘Home Funerals’ under the Services Provided menu.


“Everyone who came to see my husband as he laid in honor in our living room, was profoundly moved by the experience. It is a shame that this special time has been taken from our culture. Caring for a body after death is the ultimate gesture of love and kindness.”  -Kathy M

Sacred Crossings

Sacred Crossings