Pet Services

Our pets offer us a profound opportunity to selflessly love and be unconditionally loved in return. The daily routine of caring for their needs helps us to feel grounded in our everyday lives and gives us a sense of purpose and belonging.

When a pet dies, the loss can be very traumatic – not only has our source of affection and attention gone, but our daily routines are upturned and we lose our footing until we learn how to navigate the world without our companion.

Caring for a pet through the dying process and ceremoniously preparing their body, creating a casket and taking them to the grave or crematory helps us to integrate the loss into our lives with grace, peace and a sense of fulfillment.

Children especially benefit from participating in the funeral and burial rituals for their pet.

Sacred Crossings Animal Companion Services

We offer services at each step of your animal’s transition, supporting you and your beloved companion on your last journey together.

Initial Consultation:

Either in person or on the phone, we offer in-depth guidance for all aspects of your animal’s transition including euthanasia or pet hospice, after death care, in home vigils and funeral, memorial and grave-side ceremony options.

Pet Hospice:  

We offer ongoing support and guidance for families wishing to provide hospice care and allow a natural death for their pet. This includes referrals for acupuncture, homeopathy and natural pain relief methods.


We help you find a local vet who can assist with euthanasia and will be present at the time of your animal companion crossing over to support you and your family through the process.

Vigil & Laying the Body in Honor:

We assist with preserving the body naturally at home (usually done for 24-72 hours), provide resources for securing a biodegradable casket or shroud, support with laying the body ‘in honor’ so that loved ones can visit and say goodbye, anointing the body with sacred oils, essences and herbs, and creating rituals where children can participate in the goodbye process.

Many people find that tending to the body in this way opens the doorway to healing and provides time to begin to adjust to your animal companion’s physical absence.

Burials and Cremations:

We offer guidance and support throughout the aftercare process, including securing a crematory, cemetery or private burial that meets the needs of the family.  We can witness the cremation or burial with you and bring you safely home.


A ceremony should encompass both grieving the loss of your Beloved Companion and praising the life and love that they shared while with you. Sacred Crossings creates customized and personalized ceremonies that reflect the unique personality of your beloved companion, the cherished relationship you had with them, and the deep bond that will connect you both eternally. Your life will never be the same, and a ceremony that acknowledges these truths can offer solace and comfort as you begin your healing journey.

Please call for a free phone consultation:  310-968-2763

The Advance Death Care Directive

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