Our mission is two-fold: 

– to alleviate fear and suffering at the end of life by providing education and support for conscious dying

to offer green, family-directed options for funerals, cremations and burials through the Sacred Crossings Funeral Home


For most people, the very thought of dying provokes fear and dread. As a culture, we deny the natural process of aging and death and focus on prolonging life at all costs. Sadly, that cost is often the price of a peaceful, natural, even joyful transition.

When we prepare ourselves spiritually, emotionally and mentally for our final transition, we intuitively know when the time comes to let go. Then we can say ‘no thank you’ to life support and welcome death support.

Dying consciously with grace, acceptance and a sense of fulfillment is the greatest gift we can leave our loved-ones.


“Someone who’s dying has a job in front of them, and their job description is to die extravagantly – to set the banquet table that should be spilled in the wake of their dying, where everyone around them who knew them, or didn’t know them, or who wanted to, are invited, and the storytelling that ensues is the feast”         – Stephen Jenkinson




The Case for Home Funerals

Caring for our loved ones between the time of death and burial or cremation, is an ancient tradition that can be traced to earliest civilizations. During the past 100 years however, this once family-directed tradition has been gradually taken over by professional funeral directors.

Today, having lost the comforting rituals surrounding the death of a loved-one, we are often left feeling helpless and overwhelmed. Fearful of a process we know little or nothing about, we surrender the responsibility of after-death care to those who ‘know what to do.’

Our loved-one is taken away and refrigerated while documentation is prepared. The body is embalmed with toxic chemicals and laid in unfamiliar surroundings where we are invited to visit under restricted conditions. Sadly, we have become detached from the most poignant time in the circle of life. We have forgotten how precious it is to claim a final period of intimacy in a sacred space amid loving friends and family members. We have forgotten the cultural and religious reasons for sitting in vigil with a beloved, and the profound opportunity for healing and closure this ritual provides.

Caring for a loved-one’s body after death at home for a period of one to three days ,allows friends and family the time, space and privacy to process feelings, honor religious customs, be supported by the community, and begin the healing process.

The Sacred Crossings Funeral Home offers home funeral services to those in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.

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