Physician Aid in Dying – Before you Decide…

The Death with Dignity Act, also known as ‘ Medical Aid in Dying’ permits physicians to prescribe lethal doses of narcotics that a person can administer themselves if they have a terminal diagnosis.  This practice is now legal in a growing number of states including California.

The choice to to take one’s own life is a comforting solution to many facing pain and suffering, but there is much to consider before making this important choice.

This 3-hour thought provoking and interactive workshop includes film excerpts, stories and discussion while investigating the physical, emotional and spiritual challenges of allowing natural death vs. taking lethal prescription drugs.

Workshop takes place in a private home in Pacific Palisades.

If you are contemplating this option for yourself and would like a private in-home consultation, please write to Olivia at:

Sacred Crossings

Sacred Crossings