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Sacred Crossings Funeral Home offers green and conscious mortuary and funeral services to families in the Los Angeles area.


Owned and operated by certified death midwifes, we are committed to maintaining the sacred while caring for your loved-one’s body.

In-home consultations and customized services are designed to meet the individual needs of each family.

Sacred Crossings Funeral Home uses only natural, environmentally sensitive products; green, biodegradable caskets and gentle, non invasive procedures.

Services include:

  • Direct Cremation and Burial
  • Home Vigils and Home Funerals
  • Green Burials and Full-body Deep Sea Burials
  • Funeral and Memorial ceremonies


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It is our honor to hold you and your family through this sacred transition.

1920 S. Barrington Ave.   Los Angeles, CA  90025     Lic. # 2291.



“When my mother died, Sacred Crossings guided us through the whole after-death process. They helped us wrap my mom, took care of the transport and mortuary, and arranged the cremation. They organized a small goodbye before the cremation, as well, and led a beautiful simple ceremony. What can I say? The continuity and care they provided made my mother’s death experience free of upset, bewilderment or trauma. I wish this care for every family. I’ll never do without, ever again.”  C. Oakley Harrington


“After my friend’s tragic, very public and sudden death, Sacred Crossings not only shrouded her body, arranged for a casket viewing and organized a sea burial, but provided tender care throughout as we struggled with our emotions as well as myriad logistical details. This company’s commitment to open, sensitive communication results in complete trust; my friend was honored and cared for as were all who loved her.” – Kate Lipkis


“What you have done for our family is beyond special. A rare gift that we will forever treasure. You have been kind and patient, respectful and supportive all at once. Without you, Matteo’s farewell dance would have been very very different. I am so proud of what we did. This now defines me in new ways. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.” – Leonor and Lucas.


“Sacred Crossings prepared the most beautiful lying-in-honor home vigil for our darling Toni – a ceremony full of grace and harmony! Toni looked magnificent in a white silk shroud and golden silk surrounds. She laid there for 3 days resplendent so all her friends could say farewells.”  Maya Waterman


Sacred Crossings

Sacred Crossings