Enter The Grave Sept. 23 – 25, 2016



Spiritual practice for developing the art of dying.

This intensive, interactive workshop delves into the essential nature of birth and death. Students learn tools to guide them through the dying process and liberate them while walking the life path.

Movement, meditations, written and group exercises gently guide the process in an intimate, safe and nurturing environment.


Topics explored:

Returning to the Great Mother

Giving Birth – Receiving Death

Connecting to Source

Grounding with non-attachment

Befriending fear

Surrender, surrender, surrender…

Energy fields and the luminous body

Managing the physiological response to fear and pain

The life review

Releasing attachments /healing relationships

Creating the Death File

The death rehearsal

This workshop is also Level I of The Art of Death Midwifery training program.  For details and to make your reservation, please click on the link.

Sacred Crossings

Sacred Crossings