Death Midwifery


A Death Midwife provides information, guidance and support to both the death journeyer and their family from terminal diagnosis through final disposition.

Death Midwifery combines the roles of death doula, spiritual counselor, hospice medical personnel, end-of-life caregiver, home funeral guide and funeral celebrant.

Sacred Crossings upholds that the dying process doesn’t end with the last breath, but extends for a period of one to three days. During this time, the soul, spirit or what is often referred to as the ‘luminous body’, separates from the physical body and transitions to the next phase of it’s journey.

Our Death Midwives guide and support individuals and their families through all three stages of the dying process:

BEFORE – upon notice of terminal diagnosis or life-limiting illness

DURING – active dying and death, and

AFTER – final rites, care and preservation of the body, home vigils and funerals, burial or cremation, funeral or memorial, sudden unexpected death rituals in hospital ERs and bereavement services.

We offer spiritual, inter-faith support to families of all faiths and cultural backgrounds.

There is no pre-requisite for death midwifery training. Anyone can support a loved-one through their dying process, indeed, this is the greatest gift one can give and also receive. (please visit our Education page to learn about our Death Midwifery certificate program)


During the initial in-home consultation, the midwife will help create a plan to address the emotional, spiritual and physical needs of the individual as they navigate the undulating path of the dying process.

Subsequent visits may be monthly, weekly or even daily depending on the needs of the family. We work closely with doctors, hospice, caregivers, clergy, out-of-town family members and the funeral home to provide comfort, guidance and support for a peaceful transition experience.

Death Midwifery services include but are not limited to:

  • In-home, hospital, or nursing home visits with you and your loved-one
  • Detailed reporting to next-of-kin unable to visit
  • Emergency room support after unexpected death
  • Holding space while life-support is discontinued (includes sacred singing, spiritual guidance, after-death rituals and body preparation if required)
  • Support with stillborn and infant death and bringing baby home for a home funeral
  • Finding a local, reputable hospice to meet your loved-ones needs
  • Assistance with completing advance directives for health care and death care
  • Assistance with fulfilling final wishes / healing relationships / putting things in order
  • Spiritual support including guided imagery, meditations and exercises to help alleviate anxiety and suffering
  • Guidance with completing the life-review and legacy project
  • Help with writing an autobiography or creating a video-biography as a legacy to loved one
  • Guidance with after death care of the body and dry-ice preservation for a home vigil and funeral (see FAQs  for details)
  • Coordinating with funeral home for transportation and cremation
  • Assistance with funeral planning
  • Celebrant to officiate funerals, memorials and graveside services

Sacred Crossings death midwives provide conscious, compassionate support every step of the way


Call the Death Midwife at:    310-968-2763




“A Sacred Crossings Death Midwife shepherds individuals toward a conscious dying experience; guides loved ones in after-death care of the body and empowers families to reclaim the healing ritual of a vigil and funeral at home.”







It is the most holy of all tasks to be the death midwife for a loved one. The only requirements are a compassionate heart; the ability to deeply listen and the capacity to be grounded in one’s presence without agenda or attachment.

To learn more about the Art of Death Midwifery Training program, please click on the link or visit the ‘Education’ menu option.




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