Preparing for the Big Departure – Webinar series

When we go on vacation or move house to a new city we make a plan to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.  Understanding our options and the possible pitfalls, gives us the opportunity to take precautions to ensure that our whole family navigates the adventure as smoothly as possible.

The same is true for when we embark on our death journey. Since we don’t know the time or the date of our departure, it’s important to learn everything possible about what we might expect ahead of time. When we write our wishes down, our families can take care of us as we would like when we can no longer speak for ourselves.


Relieve your loved-ones from making critical health-care and death-care decisions for you.  Register for this upcoming webinar series today!

Available July 1st.

Buy both workshops for a $50 savings! 


A.  Completing your Advance Directives for Health Care  – Includes downloads of all documents required.

Students will learn:

* How to choose a Health Care advocate

* How to make informed decisions about  end-of-life health care including when and why/why not to choose artificial nutrition, artificial hydration, organ and body donations.

* How to ensure your wishes are carried out

* The DNR, POLST and Dementia Provision forms – how and when to complete them

* What happens if…I die unexpectedly? In the ICU?  At Home? Abroad?

* How to create a Death File – what documents to include

Students go at their own pace and receive all information necessary to understand clearly and complete each document. Documents are provided for download upon registration.  A printer is required to print materials before beginning the webinar.


Advance Planning

$95  – includes all documents required


B. Completing your Advance Directives for Death Care (Includes download of the Advance Death Care Directive)

Students will learn:

  • Traditional Funeral Industry options
  • Benefits of a Home Vigil and Funeral
  • The Legalities and Logistics of home funerals
  • Traditional burial options
  • Green burials – the facts
  • Traditional Cremation options
  • Bio Cremation
  • Alternative disposition options
  • Completing your Death Care Directive

All information is provided to give students a clear understanding of their options for after-death care.  The webinar concludes with a A step-by-step guide to completing your Advance Death Care Directive.   This may be printed and placed in your Death File or stored on your computer in a Death File Folder

$95  – includes all documents required

Buy both workshops for a $50 savings! 

“Fantastic value! I got all of my questions answered and came away with my Death File complete – a huge relief that it’s finally done. I highly recommend these webinars.” – Helga Rose

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These lively and very informative presentations are illustrated with slides and stories from Olivia’s 16 years experience as a death midwife, home funeral guide and founder of the Sacred Crossings Alternative Funeral Home. 


“I had no idea about all this stuff! It was great to hear questions from other people in the class that I would never have thought of. So glad I did this, I feel really prepared now” – Debbie Aitken


‘When the time comes to die, make sure all you have to do is die.” Walt Whitman


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