An introduction to environmentally conscious after-death care, green burials and alternative cremations.

Know your options and ensure that your final footprint reflects your conscious life-style choices.

Monday, August 19    7  – 9:00 PM

The Loft, 1954 Placentia – Suite 108, 

Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Seating is limited. To register please send an e-mail to Alyssa at:  Your name will be added to the guest list.  Thank you!

90% of us die without making adequate funeral or burial arrangements and the many complex decisions are left to grieving relatives at a very emotionally vulnerable time. Relieve your loved-ones of this responsibility, learn about green and conscientious options to traditional funeral industry practices and make your wishes known.
* the facts about burials and cremations
* home vigils and funerals
* green burials and sea burials
* bio cremation
* natural caskets and shrouds
* recomposition * promession  *excarnation
* the advance death care directive

We look forward to sharing this important information with you.

If you would like Olivia to bring this workshop to your community or church group, please write to Olivia at:

Thank you!

Sacred Crossings

Sacred Crossings