Home Funerals

A Home Funeral is a non-commercial, family centered response to death that involves the family and its social community in the care and preparation of the body for burial or cremation.

A home funeral may include preparation of the body, a vigil for one-to-three days, the funeral service and (in some states) the burial on family property.
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Depending on the specifics of each state’s law, families may play a key role in:

  • Preparing the body for burial or cremation (bathing, dressing, anointing)
  • Planning and carrying out after-death rituals or ceremonies such as laying out the deceased for visitation and holding a funeral service in the home
  • Preserving the body with dry-ice
  • Filing of death-related paperwork such as the death certificate and disposition permit.
  • Transporting the deceased to the place of burial or cremation
  • Facilitating the final disposition such as digging the grave in  natural burial


If you choose a Home Funeral, you will assign a trusted friend or family member (usually the next-of-kin) to be the designated funeral director. This person will work closely with a Sacred Crossing Guide who will educate and guide you through the entire process from the time of death until cremation or burial.  One call to Sacred Crossings is the only call you will have to make.

An in-home consultation is recommended as the first step. This is an opportunity for family  members and friends to ask questions, review paperwork and to determine whether this is the right option for you.

While we can assist a family at any time, it is recommended to make preparations ahead of time.



  • In-home consultations  30 – 90 minutes
  • End-of-life spiritual guidance and support
  • Pre-need planning (includes phone calls, visits with family members, hospice personnel, social workers etc. as needed.)
  • Location of a local crematorium or cemetery that is committed to meeting all the needs of the family.
  • Coordinating with hospice/Hospital/funeral home/crematory/cemetery personnel as needed.
  • Locating a local dry ice vendor.
  • Arrival at the home within 4 hours of time of transition (Usually less, depending on traffic and time of day)
  • Delivery and loan of all supplies necessary for after-death care of the body (if required)
  • Bedside ministerial ritual and services, pre and post death
  • Sacred bedside singing pre and post death
  • Guidance with bathing/purification rituals and general after-death care of the body, including dressing and/or shrouding
  • Creating a suitable sacred space to lay the body In Honor.
  • Daily visits to the home to oversee dry-ice preservation during the vigil
  • Available 24/7 to answer questions and provide support via telephone
  • Assistance with creating rituals and altars.
  • Guidance with completing all paperwork: death certificate; disposition permit and cremation authorization
  • Assembly and preparation of cremation casket
  • Delivery of cremation casket (or pine box) and art supplies to family home.
  • Funeral service preparations (invitations, eulogy, ritual, prayers etc.)
  • Bereavement Ministerial services as required
  • Guidance for transporting body to crematory (with procession if required)
  • Coordinating the witness cremation with crematory and funeral home, if required.
  • Return of cremains to family
  • Referrals to competent and experienced clergy, photographers, videographers, musicians, printers, etc.
  • Loan of all necessary equipment and office overhead
  • Follow-up support phone calls and visits on as-needed basis



The consultation and Ministerial fee for the full services listed above ranges between $950 and $1200 depending on a family’s needs.  


Individuals who have participated in a home funeral, and/or have taken the Death Midwifery training program, may feel comfortable in undertaking the process without assistance. This is the goal of the Home Funeral Movement. In this case a Sacred Crossing Guide will provide the following…

  • a 3-hour in-home private tutorial for the family and friends who will be involved in the process.
  • Private demonstration of bathing/dressing/anointing/moving/carrying and preserving the body for the three-day vigil.
  • loan of all necessary equipment
  • guidance with completing and filing legal documents
  • securing a funeral home/crematory/cemetery  that will meet the families needs (if required)
  • 24/7  phone support during the 3-day vigil and funeral.

 The education and consultation fee for a Sacred Crossing Guide is $595



For more information please visit FAQ’s or to make an appointment for a consultation, please call: 310-968-2763


“Having my sister’s body at home and taking care of her myself, I was able to find deep healing and closure which I don’t believe would have happened were she taken away by strangers.”  -Diane K