Burials & Cremations

Sacred Crossings works closely with alternative funeral directors to assist a family in making all arrangements for the cremation or burial of a loved one.  One call is all you have to make, a Sacred Crossing Guide will help you every step of the way.

Our final disposition services include:


  • locating a cemetery in your area that can meet your family’s personal wishes and religious needs
  • assistance with the purchase of a burial container (see Caskets, Shrouds & Urns for options)
  • Securing a celebrant to officiate a graveside service to meet the family’s needs




  • Securing a reputable, low-cost crematory that will accommodate your family’s personal or religious wishes
  • Coordinating ‘witness’ cremations (viewing the insert of the cremation box into the retort)
  • Officiating a simple ceremony at the crematory to meet the family’s needs
  • Returning the cremains to the family


Witness cremation1




Traditional burials in almost all cemeteries require a casket to be contained in a concrete or fiberglass vault.

A green burial is one that follows the strict guidelines set forth by the green burial council (www.greenburialcouncil.org)

  • The body is not embalmed
  • the casket or shroud is made of 100% biodegradable materials
  • the grave has no liner or vault
  • graves are marked with natural rocks, trees or shrubs
  • graves are not maintained but left as natural parkland
  • GPS coordinates are used to locate the exact location of the graves




Regretfully, there are few green burial cemeteries in the U.S. today – Sacred Crossings is investigating the purchase of land and looks forward to bringing this natural alternative to Southern California in the near future.  Meanwhile, we are happy to assist you in locating the green burial cemetery closest to you.

Please call for your free consultation to determine how we can help you create a personal and deeply meaningful funeral and  burial or cremation for your loved-one.

One call is all you have to make. We will help you every step of the way.


Please call to make an appointment:    310-968-2763