Services Provided


Our Death Midwives provide loving care to a family throughout the entire journey from terminal diagnosis to final disposition. Home visits and phone consults provide emotional, spiritual and practical support for a conscious dying experience and continue (if required) through the home vigil and funeral services.

Our Home Funeral Guides  have completed the Death Midwifery certificate training and the Sacred Crossing Guide mentorship program. Guides offer support, education and guidance to families wishing to care for the body of their loved-one at home for a 1 -3 day vigil and home funeral.

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A complete list of services provided is as follows:

  • In-home consultations  30 – 90 minutes
  • End-of-life spiritual guidance and support
  • Pre-need planning (includes phone calls, visits with family members, hospice personnel, social workers etc. as needed.)
  • Location of a local crematorium or cemetery that is committed to meeting all the needs of the family.
  • Coordinating with hospice/Hospital/funeral home/crematory/cemetery personnel as needed.
  • Locating a local dry ice vendor.
  • Arrival at the home within 4 hours of time of transition (Usually less, depending on traffic and time of day)
  • Delivery and loan of all supplies necessary for after-death care of the body (if required)
  • Bedside ministerial rituals and services, pre and post death
  • Sacred bedside singing pre and post death
  • Guidance with bathing/purification rituals and general after-death care of the body, including dressing and/or shrouding
  • Creating a suitable sacred space to lay the body ‘In Honor’.
  • Daily visits to the home to oversee dry-ice preservation during the vigil
  • Available 24/7 to answer questions and provide support via telephone
  • Guidance with completing all paperwork including death certificate; disposition permit and cremation authorization
  • Assembly and preparation of cremation casket
  • Delivery of cremation casket (or pine box) and art supplies to family home.
  • Funeral service preparations (invitations, eulogy, ritual, prayers etc.)
  • Bereavement Ministerial services as required
  • Guidance for transporting body to crematory (with procession if required)
  • Coordinating the witness cremation with crematory and funeral home, if required.
  • Return of cremains to family
  • Referrals to competent and experienced clergy, photographers, videographers, musicians, printers, etc.
  • Loan of all necessary equipment and office overhead
  • Follow-up support phone calls and visits on as-needed basis