The Art of Death Midwifery is a 75-hour intensive certificate training for professional and non-professional end-of-life caregivers and those seeking to prepare for a conscious, peaceful transition.
The program includes training in the roles of spiritual counsellor, death doula and home funeral guide in all aspects of the dying process from terminal diagnosis to final disposition.
For class details and the 2019 schedule please visit: The Art of Death Midwifery  
  • Level I:   ENTER THE GRAVE – A Spiritual Practice
  • Level 2:  CONSCIOUS DYING – Preparing for a Peaceful Transition
  • Level 3:  AFTER DEATH CARE – Preparation of the body, Home Funerals & Final Disposition
  • FUNERAL CELEBRANT TRAINING – This optional certificate training is for Interfaith Ministers and those seeking a career as a Funeral Celebrant
Sacred Crossings

Sacred Crossings