Your Final Footprint

An introduction to environmentally conscious after-death care, green burials and alternative cremations.

Ensure that your final footprint reflects your conscious life-style choices.


Topics include:
* The case against embalming

*  Natural, non toxic after-death care and preservation practices

*  Green, bio-degradable caskets, coffins and shrouds

*  Green burials vs. conventional burials

*  Alternatives to fire cremation: Alkaline Hydrolysis, Promession, Excarnation

*  Maritime burials at sea

This 2- hour workshop if offered periodically throughout the year. Please be sure to sign up on our mailing list to receive updates for classes in your area.  If you would like Olivia to bring this workshop to your community or church group, please write to Olivia at:

Thank you!

Sacred Crossings

Sacred Crossings