Funeral & Memorial Services

The funeral celebrant certificate training is for those interested in a career as a funeral celebrant and for anyone seeking to create a personal and meaningful funeral or memorial service for a loved one. This workshop is not included in The Art of Death Midwifery training. Graduates of this class receive a certificate for 25 hours training as Funeral Celebrant.

Funeral and memorial services are the commemoration of one’s unique contribution to humanity and the opportunity to leave a final gift.  What will yours be?  how will your life be remembered ?  How can you create a fitting tribute for your loved-one? 

Students are encouraged to think outside the box and give full reign to their imagination and creativity during this highly energized workshop where powerful ceremonies are created to honor the dead. 


Topics explored

The importance of a funeral

Alternative funeral and memorial services

The role of the Celebrant

Public Speaking

Writing the eulogy

Channeling the grief

Opening and closing remarks /prayers & poems

Announcements/Obituaries/Video Journals/Programs

Tributes & rituals

Pet Funerals

Cremation and Burial Practices around the world

Green Burials



There is no prerequisite for this class.

Students receive a certificate of completion for a Sacred Crossings Funeral Celebrant

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July 13, 14 & 15  2018


“The mock funerals each of our groups created were so achingly beautiful, meaningful and embodied. The bond with my “family” in just 2 days to create a funeral celebration was incredible – I really felt like I had endured an unimaginable loss, but was uplifted by ceremony and community.  This is an incredible spiritual practice that I highly recommend for everyone”.   – Suzanne S –