The Sacred Crossings Institute offers a spiritual path to awakening grounded in the study of Death Midwifery and the Art of Dying.  Our philosophy is based upon Theosophical teachings and spiritual texts from a variety of religious traditions.

Students are professional and non-professional end-of-this-life caregivers, spiritual seekers and those seeking to broaden their knowledge of the dying process.

The following classes are offered throughout the year and facilitated by Rev. Olivia.

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Thank you for your interest.  We look forward to sharing this sacred journey with you.



Funeral Celebrant Training

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Officiating the Funeral & Memorial Service
This optional certificate program is open to those students wishing to train as a funeral celebrant.

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Introduction to Home Funerals & Death Midwifery

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Discover your options for after-death care and learn how to create a personal, deeply meaningful vigil and funeral at home.           Topics covered include: * Legalities and logistics for home-based, natural after-death care * The role of a Death Midwife * Benefits of a family-directed home funeral * The importance of a three-day vigil * Pre-planning for one’s final transition: Healthcare & Deathcare Directives * Our final footprint on the environment and the case for “Green” burials * Films that demonstrate the sacred...

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Physician Aid in Dying – Before you Decide…

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The Death with Dignity Act, also known as ‘ Medical Aid in Dying’ permits physicians to prescribe lethal doses of narcotics that a person can administer themselves if they have a terminal diagnosis.  This practice is now legal in a growing number of states including California. The choice to to take one’s own life is a comforting solution to many facing pain and suffering, but there is much to consider before making this important choice. This 3-hour thought provoking and interactive workshop includes film excerpts, stories...

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Completing Advance Directives

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Learn the steps to take to prepare for a ‘good death’ and make informed choices for your green and conscious final disposition. Relieve your loved-ones from making these important health-care and death-care decisions for you – create an informative 4-hour workshop in your own home!     Topics discussed: * Choosing a Healthcare advocate * Making informed decisions about artificial nutrition, artificial hydration, organ and body donations. * The DNR and POLST forms – how and when to complete them * Completing your...

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Your Final Footprint

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An introduction to environmentally conscious after-death care, green burials and alternative cremations. Ensure that your final footprint reflects your conscious life-style choices.   Topics include: *  Natural, non toxic after-death care and preservation practices * Home funerals – legalities and logistics *  Green, bio-degradable caskets, coffins and shrouds *  Green burials vs. conventional burials *  Alternatives to fire cremation: Alkaline Hydrolysis, Promession, Excarnation *  Full-body burials at sea This 2- hour workshop if...

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Sacred Crossings

Sacred Crossings